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HALO Combines Sleek Design With Hazards Alerts That Will Caution Families
10/8/2014 2:33:22 PM

HALO Combines Sleek Design With Hazards Alerts That Will Caution Families


In conjunction with Fire Prevention Week, Charlotte startup White Stagg announced it will launch its modern adaptation of the smoke alarm with a Kickstarter campaign later this month. The company's smart smoke alarm solutions provide alerts for over 30 hazards in and around the home, using the most reliable alert technology to keep families safe from additional threats ranging from natural disasters to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Every year, thousands of Americans are killed due to absent or ineffective warning of hazardous conditions in and around the home, such as fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. White Stagg is the first company to combine severe weather alert technology and fire warning technology into one smart device.

"Everyone understands how important it is to make sure that your home is equipped with a properlyfunctioning smoke detection system," said Ben Stagg, Co-Founder and CEO of White Stagg. "Since so many tragedies occur due to inclement weather, we wanted to give people a reliable, comprehensive and full-scale alert system in the home as well. The best part is that HALO gives people an innovative, all-in-one option."

White Stagg will release HALO for pre-order on Kickstarter in late October. HALO is the company's sleekly and stylishly designed smart smoke alarm with an integrated All Hazards Alerts Module. The patented design warns customers of danger with an audible voice alarm as well as a visual alert. Wireless remote control of the device (via a wireless handheld, such as a cellular phone or tablet) gives White Stagg customers the ability to utilize the integrated lighting system as an energy efficient nightlight in hallways or bedrooms.

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