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Expert Group to Provide Advanced Identity Management
10/8/2014 2:48:43 PM

CTS Partners with Real-Time Technology Group to Provide Advanced Identity Management

Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG), a provider of secure and hosted Identity Management solutions for secure operations and incident response, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with CTS Consolidated Telecom Services (CTS), a Woman Owned Small Business, to bring RTTG's award-winning Real-Time Verification (RTV) technology platform to CTS's Public Safety and commercial customers.

The cooperative effort was established to leverage RTTG's expertise in developing and hosting advanced identity management programs that are designed to more effectively control access to secure facilities, and more efficiently assure the compliance of first responders with complex training, certification and resource allocation requirements. "RTV provides a proven technology platform that extends our ability to provide comprehensive personnel assurance solutions to our customers," says Pam Faver, President of CTS. "Their past performance supporting some of our nation's highest-value terrorist targets exemplifies the commitment to secure, trusted, and reliable service that we demand of our partners. RTV enables our commercial customers to positively identify individuals and assure that all who access sensitive facilities maintain compliance with relevant safety and security policies. For our Public Safety customers, RTV virtually eliminates the administrative burden of managing compliance of first responders with complex and on-going training requirements. Further, it enables regional agencies to easily and securely cross-authenticate mutual aid responders in support of improved emergency preparedness and response."

"CTS' long-standing reputation as a technical solution provider to Public Safety agencies and premier commercial clients provides a trusted and reliable partner to support our customers at the local level. Their intimate understanding of local challenges improves our ability to offer uniquely configured systems that meet the specific requirements of CTS customers," explains Daniel Krantz, CEO of RTTG. "We seek partners who understand that effective identity management requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. CTS's close, long-term customer relationships provide us with valuable intelligence that helps greatly in delivering the most effective solutions."

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